Simple Landscaping Ideas – from EHRA: Landscape Architecture

simple landscape ideas, native landscaping, towne lake

Written By: Jim Russ

For simple landscaping ideas, the first place to start is to research plants that are native to your particular area. Look for native plants that can handle extreme temperature shifts better than other species. These species are generally more suited for your climate and will live and adjust to where you plant them easier. Also make sure you read up on how much water, fertilization, and sunlight each plant needs and place it in an appropriate location in your landscape. You can also make an additional step to take a soil sample and have it analyzed at a lab. Then you can add soil amendments to give your plants a better boost. This is especially recommended if your home is new construction. Soil for the foundation is often a good percentage of sand to create a structurally sound base for construction, and the native top soil is often removed. Amending the soil helps recreate the native soil environment for plants to flourish. When you are making your final plant selections, look for a variety of textures and colors and plant in multiples of three. This will create visual interest; you can also choose plants that welcome wildlife like butterflies and frogs. If you are re-creating your landscape with additional planting, reconsider before removing all mature shrubs and trees. Trees and large shrubs are very expensive to replace and add value to your home. Consider trimming the shrubs and trees. An arborist can help you with identifying, trimming, and fertilizing trees. To complete your landscape design, adding seasonal color annuals in groupings helps draw the eye to parts of your landscape that you want highlighted, such as near the entry.

Thanks to the EHRA Engineering: Landscape Architecture department for the great information.

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